Ice Rink Manufacturer and Supplier For All Types of Ice Rinks

Ice Rink Warehouse is an ice rink manufacturer and supplier servicing ice rinks of all types from permanent to portable. We are a one stop shop with quality and affordability. At our shop, we manufacture our own ice rink flooring refrigeration systems, handrail/dasher boards, modify all of our ice rink chillers and pumps, provide recreational ice skates, ice skating assists, resurfacers and much more! From new, demo, to slightly used equipment we have you covered! Please let us know how we can assist you on your project.

Backyard Refrigerated Ice Rinks

Are you ready to have your own backyard winter classic ice rink to play 3 vs 3 shiny, figure skate, or simply practice your skills? We now offer a complete ice rink portable package system to make backyard rink a reality! Temperatures can vary with your climate but our rinks can keep you skating to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Our two smaller rink sizes are 20’ x 50’ and 25’ x 60’ (custom options available as well). Our systems are shipped directly to the customer and can be assembled individually or one of our ice rink technicians can come for initial setup. The rink base has to have a level area of 1.5” across the entire ice rink surface along with the proper electrical requirements. This package comes with our flooring system, rink chiller, glycol solution, lines/connections, boards, ice rink and necessary tools. Additional items, are available as well from a small ride on resurfacer, handheld and protective matting for skater change area.


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